Taking the lead on Safety

Advantage Crane has been committed to safety since its inception. And we won’t stop

  • BCCSA COR certified
  • The right tools and accessories
  • Dedication to compliance
  • Maintenance programs

To say that workplace safety has had some changes over the past 15 years is, at least, an understatement. This evolution will be ongoing.

That said, workplace safety is a fact of life and a basic condition of successful commerce. To be successful and profitable we have to be, first and foremost, safe.

Advantage Crane’s background stems from its roots as tradesmen. We are, and always will be, a hands on company. We feel this gives us a stronger perspective as to what is important. Of all the trades, crane operation has the least tolerance for unsafe work practices.

The crane operator has always had to take the lead as far safety around their crane. Advantage Crane as a company now takes that same lead position. Some of the company’s commitment is easy to spot.

Having bought new equipment to build our crane fleet was the first step.

This modern fleet is also equipped with the right tools. To buy newer equipment also requires a commitment to maintain it.

Our PM program and testing protocol ensures your site the highest standards available. Compliance and documentation cannot be left behind. We have no option or desire to be found non compliant. Just ask your ‘Worksafe’ rep what he thinks of Advantage Crane.

We are confident that Advantage Crane is the Island leader when it comes to crane rental safety.

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