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Advantage Crane is pleased to assist our customers’ projects with professional CAD/Lift studies. This easy to use system provides an invaluable tool when planning critical lifts onsite.

Professional CAD/Lift studies

  • Avoid hidden costs and time delays
  • Ensure you’ve got the right crane for your project
  • Proof your lift and crane rigging

Our 3D lift studies can eliminate costly time delays. Proofing the lift and the crane locations not only save time and money but greatly increase safety.

All aspects of the lift can be predesigned and proofed. Rigging can be laid out in advance. Outrigger point loads can be generated through the full path of the lift to ensure ground condition requirements can be met.

More importantly, can the crane fit the site and make the lift safely. CAD Lift studies, just another reason Advantage Crane is out front and plans to stay there.



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