The National 1400 offers 100’ full power boom and a 30’ or 54’ two section jib. Truck is equipped with a 22’ deck. The 33 ton is another great combination unit. One of the key features of the 33 that sets it apart from the others in the fleet is the pin on man basket. The work platform can be attached to the main boom or the jib. This gives you a working platform height to heights of 165’. Pin on also means you can get access under your work, areas you may not get to with standard hoist line suspended man baskets.‘Offering Options’.

More Information

Boom and Jib

100′ MAIN plus 30′ to 54′ JIB

Attachments and Services

Advantage Crane offers the following:

  • Certified Heavy Lift Rigging
  • Certified Spreader Bars
  • Certified Spreader Boxes
  • Certified Tilt Wall Rigging
  • Certified Pin On / Hanging Man Baskets
  • WCB Approved Radio Systems
  • Engineered Lift Studies
  • 3D Lift Plans
  • Qualified Riggers
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