The Link Belt 8660 offers 110’ full power boom and a 28’ or 51’ lattice jib. This gives the 60 ton a max working radius of 140’ and a max tip height of 170’. Link Belts 8660 has proven itself in rental fleets across North America. All our 60 tons are late model and offer quick set up times and narrow outrigger stances. (20’ side to side) State of the art LMI systems ensures on site safety. Well maintained late models cranes also protect the environment. ‘Safety First’.

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Boom and Jib

110′ MAIN plus 29′ to 51′ JIB

Attachments and Services

Advantage Crane offers the following:

  • Certified Heavy Lift Rigging
  • Certified Spreader Bars
  • Certified Spreader Boxes
  • Certified Tilt Wall Rigging
  • Certified Pin On / Hanging Man Baskets
  • WCB Approved Radio Systems
  • Engineered Lift Studies
  • 3D Lift Plans
  • Qualified Riggers
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